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Swift Discovery - Issue #6

Swift Discovery
Swift Discovery
Good day to you my friend. Welcome to another issue of Swift Discovery 👋

A new contributor program for the Swift community and part of the Diversity in Swift initiative. The Swift Mentorship Program is designed to support developers as they become active open source contributors to the Swift project, providing direct mentorship with experienced members of the community.
This is an article for Daniel ‘s new app AppTelemetry but I like how he details the impact of iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency and how it means for indie developers. Finally someone makes a decent analytics for indie apps.
Thanks to Ole for writing this article, helps me to really understand the steps OrderedSet performs to store and retrieve its values. Great to keep in mind so we’re not using the API wrongly
Learn how to use TabView and all possible modifiers in this article by  Kristaps Grinbergs. Nifty that TabView has selection Binding that we can programmatically change selected tab
Abstracting Navigation in SwiftUI
In this post, Omar talks about NavigationView in SwiftUI and how to build abstract layer on top of it with Navigation and Destination concept. Very good to read if you app is a bit complicated and want to have predictable navigation API
Open Source
Plot: A DSL for writing type-safe HTML, XML and RSS in Swift.
John has just release Plot 2.0 with SwiftUI inspired syntax. I like how clever it is with the Environment API in Plot, be sure to check out the source code, lots of neat tricks to learn from. You might also want to read the accompanying article Introducing Plot Components: A new way to build HTML pages using Swift
Great project by Chris that brings his SwiftUI layout implementation to the Terminal. I can’t imagine that we can finally use SwiftUI in terminal
Very handy micro library to deal with Swift regular expression by Sindre. Find and replace matchings easily. I like how we can also use Regex in Swift patching matching statement.
Sharing from Dave Jacobsen how from idea to top charts of AppStore for his Haptic Heaven app. His Youtube channel is also good to follow if you want to learn more about Swift and indie development
‎Postly Pro on the App Store
Great app by Ben Patterson for making graphics and beautiful screenshots. The app is available for iPhone and iPad and I heard from him that’s a big release is coming soon. I cross my fingers for a Mac version.
The easiest way to track your time. | Daily
Simple but powerful time tracking app by Niels Mouthaan. I love how it stays off your way by just sitting in the menu bar, but it has very detailed analytics for your tracked time. I also appreciate ho Niels is open about his revenue and app performance.
Until next time
Thanks for reading, hope you discover something interesting. May your code continue to compile, and have a great weekend.
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Swift Discovery
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