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Swift Discovery - Issue #4

Swift Discovery
Swift Discovery
Good day to you my friend. Welcome to another issue of Swift Discovery 👋

AltConf 2021?
I had the pleasure to join AltConf in 2019 and it was great experience. Read this year’s plan for AltConf by Rob Elkin about the community chat event
Facebook Analytics is Going Away
Facebook Analytics will no longer be available after June 30, 2021. It is very sudden by not very surprised to me. Third-party solutions are meant to help you in some period of time, and no one can guarantee they will be around forever.
Discover | Swift by Sundell
I enjoy reading every single article written by John Sundell, and recently he has organised all his Combine and SwiftUI in an easy to follow Discover thread. There you start from the basic and explore more advanced topics as you read.
Best practice to build accessible apps with SwiftUI
The word needs more accessibility friendly apps, and good to see this article about building accessible apps with SwiftUI by Fanny Demey. It is short and to the point about which accessibility modifiers we can use.
Accessibility actions in SwiftUI
According to Majid Jabrayilov, there is always room for improvements and additional functionality that you can create using Accessibility API, despite SwiftUI provides accessible views out of the box.
Creating a licensing system for paid apps in Swift
This article is for those distributing macOS outside Appstore, thus having no AppStore receipt or IAP capability. Learn how to create your own licensing system that is capable of validating and upgrading an instance of the app. Written by Bruno Rocha
I love that Peter Steinberger starts writing again, especially about SwiftUI. I was always fascinated by his debugging and research skill. And when it comes to seemly easy task like this, you know it must have some pitfalls. Learn all the caveats about supporting both tap and long press on a Button in SwiftUI.
JavaScript basics for iOS developers
I know Javascript does not get that much love, but it can be handy in many cases, and learning it won’t waste your help. I’ve embedded a Javascript library in my framework RoughSwift, I could have ported it to Swift but sometimes it required more time than needed. Learn how to make Swift & JavaScript talk to each other in this article by Filip Němeček
Finding the average color of an image is a nice trick to have in your toolbelt for spicing up views. For instance on iOS, it’s used by Apple to make their pretty homescreen widgets where you put the average color of the image behind the text so the text is more readable. Learn from how Christian Selig uses the technique in this app Apollo Reddit
Thoughts on SwiftUI navigation
A very interesting read by Dariusz Darrarski. I’ve had several discussions about this topic already. SwiftUI navigation is OK for simple cases, but when you have complex setup with deep link and coordinator pattern for lazy initialization, it requires more thoughts and work.
Open Source
Another great open source package by Point Free. This is for that we could ship the test support code right along side or actual library or application code. Be sure to also check out the accompany article Better Testing Bonanza
As I just converted my apps Push Hero and PastePal from Paid to Freemium with help of RevenueCat, I tried to look for an iOS client dashboard. Many have pointed to RCKit by Dylan and it is indeed a great app. The app is has a clean design with pretty as much information as in the web dashboard.
I’ve seen so many plain-table apps that merely show parsed json content, but SongKit by Thomas Grapperon caught my attention immediately. It makes my day when I see such beautiful designed apps while providing many top-notch features for songwriter. The app uses AI and available on both iPhone and iPad
Sourcery Pro
If you’ve done iOS development for a while, you may have come across some open sources and talks by Krzysztof Zabłocki before. He probably does not need my promotion by this newsletter, but he deserves a shoutout given all the contribution to our community, and that Sourcery Pro is simply excellent. I know the editor is based on Ace but that he brings it to the next level with SourceKit auto-completion intrigues me.
Until next time
Thanks for reading, hope you discover something interesting. May your code continue to compile, and have a great weekend.
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