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Swift Discovery - Issue #3

Swift Discovery
Swift Discovery
Good day to you my friend. Welcome to the another issue of Swift Discovery 👋
Hope you had a nice Easter holiday. There was no issue last week but this week is full of interesting gems. I also stumbled upon a secret Internal menu in Xcode that has many secrets toggles and tools. I’ve been doing iOS for many years but great to discover and learn new things every day.

WWDC 2021 has been announced to take place from 7-11 June. The visuals show people with apps reflected on glasses and that could hint to some AR or Apple Glass. Who know until the One More Thing. It also means I have roughly 2 months to improve my website WWDC Together
Great initiative to document SwiftUI with visual examples in a very easy to follow structure. I’ve already bookmarked this for every time I need reference to some SwiftUI APIs
How to Become an iOS Developer in 2021
Another great video by Paul Hudson about the skills and resources it takes to become a great iOS Developer. Learn the core skills and where to hangout also helps in preparing yourself into a good iOS career
The SwiftUI Experiment
Follow by his previously popular article AppKit is Done, Alex Grebenyuk summarizes again his experience building a somewhat complex pure SwiftUI app across platforms, even for the watchOS. Great lesson to learn in these 2 articles, can’t wait when his framework Pulse comes out.
Ever since NSPersistentCloudKitContainer came out, it has been adopted largely among iOS developers. I remember when Becky Hansmeyer asks on Twitter about a Core Data sync problem with CloudKit, and now I’m happy to see she has written about her findings and tips for working with NSPersistentCloudKitContainer effectively
I really enjoy Dave Delong advices in his post The Laws of Core Data and happy that he writes about Core Data and SwiftUI. There may be lots of learning curves and hidden pitfalls when using Core Data for sure, but the power it provides is truly a time saver. Learn how we can use Core Data effectively in SwiftUI applications.
Great article from Jesse Squires about how to use UserDefaults. This API is so familar to us iOS developers and we have used it countless of times. I’ve also seen tons of open sources that try to wrap UserDefaults in a convenient and type safe way. There might be caveats, and learn how to deal with default values in this article.
A sneak peek into SwiftUI's graph
I have to admit when I saw the title I thought it was about chart and graph. This is a deep dive into how SwiftUI builds and manages its view graph while observing State changes. Must read article by Federico Zanetello if you want to find more how things work under the hood.
How to Create iOS 14 Widgets With WidgetKit
Exyte is the creator of many popular Swift and SwiftUI frameworks. This time they write a very thorough guide on how to create iOS 14 Widgets with code samples and images.
Mastering SwiftUI previews
Explore the power of SwiftUI Preview from Majid Jabrayilov. Learn different modifiers to change Preview environments and how to even use UIKit code in SwiftUI Preview.
Open Source
Like the Swift Algorithms and Swift Numerics packages before it, we’re releasing Swift Collections to help incubate new functionality for the Swift Standard Library. Thanks to Karoy Lorentey and the team for the great work. I’ve started to use OrderedSet from that package in my projects.
This packages contains many handy extensions and utilities that can speed up your SwiftUI development by quite a lot. Created by Adam
‎Focused Work: Focus Timer
I really enjoy this seemingly simple but powerful app from Michael Tigas who build it publicly on Twitter and also shares the journey in his Launching An Indie App series
Well designed and easy to use journal diary app by Wessley Roche. I like the minimalistic look and feel but with great calendar and the option to organize diaries into multiple journals.
Until next time
Thanks for reading, hope you discover something interesting. May your code continue to compile, and have a great weekend.
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Swift Discovery
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