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Swift Discovery - Issue #2

Swift Discovery
Swift Discovery
Good day to you my friend. Welcome to the another issue of Swift Discovery 👋

iOS Developer Community Survey was started by Dave Verwer. This year’s result is with the help of Benjamin HendricksChris Hefferman, and Dragos Dobrean. Greate insight into many aspects of iOS development like Apple ecosystem, tools, languages and conferences. If you are an indie developers, don’t forget to check Q18 How much income have you earned from creating indie apps in the last 12 months?
Bindable SwiftUI list elements | Swift by Sundell
If you do some SwiftUI, chances are that you need to pass a bindable element from array to a sub View or NavigationLink content. This sounds trivial but John shows how to make it safe and convenient, while pointing out one possible crash with it.
Setting up a multi-platform SwiftUI project
One selling point of SwiftUI is to learn once, write anywhere, and that we can reuse most of the code across platforms. Learn the basic setup for a multi-platform project by Ryan Grey
I know you have read certain Xcode tips from some articles but this collection started by Jesse Squires makes it easy to view all possible Xcode tips in a single place. I’ve already bookmarked this.
Xcode’s Simulator has got more features lately like the ability to record and test push notifications. Behind the scene is simctrl which is quite powerful to do all sorts of automation with the simulators. Learn all of its features in this article by Andy Ibanez
Open Source
Expenso-iOS: A Simple Expense Tracker App
I love reading open-source SwiftUI apps. This expense tracker app by Sameer Nawaz has well-designed UI that shows you the power of SwiftUI together with Core Data and some MVVM best practices.
If you enjoy reading Raywenderlich tutorials, then you will find this repo very useful. Learn some SwiftUI best practices in real world apps made by your favorite editors
ControlRoom: A macOS app to control the Xcode Simulator.
I just mentioned about simctrl and this app by Paul Hudson makes it way easier to control Simulator with a handy UI. I know this app has been for a while but I can’t help but mentioning it in my newsletter. You will learn a lot of SwiftUI and simctrl reading this repo.
SwiftUI-Hooks: A SwiftUI implementation of React Hooks.
A very interesting project by Ryo Aoyama that implements React Hooks to use in SwiftUI. Brings the state and lifecycle into the function view, without depending on elements that are only allowed to be used in struct views such as @State or @ObservedObject.
Build Clubhouse in SwiftUI 2.0 and Dark Mode
I like that more and more people create Swift and iOS tutorials on Youtube. This video by Tunde Adegoroye covers some basic SwiftUI for how to make a simple Clubhouse clone.
Building the Photos iOS Icon
I know this video is some time ago but I just love the elegant technique in this video by Adam to recreate the Photos logo. The math can be a bit overhead but essential for creating amazing shapes.
‎Gradient Game
This looks like a simple app but very fun to play and to learn some gradient colors. The design is clean and elegant. Made by Rudrank Riyam
Start your momentum by focusing in 25-minute sessions
Session is a beautiful SwiftUI macOS by Philip Young that helps increase your productivity by blocking distractions and tracking your progress. I love how Philip continues to improve the app and share SwiftUI and product design lessons along the way
How we reached 1 million downloads with a $0 budget
Great article by David Jöch on how some AppStore Optimization techniques he has used to boost Avocation to 1 million downloads. Marketing is as important as crafting a good product.
Until next time
Thanks for reading, hope you discover something interesting. May your code continue to compile, and have a great weekend.
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