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Issue #1

Swift Discovery
Swift Discovery
Good day to you my friend. Welcome to the first issue of Swift Discovery 👋
I know there are many newsletters already and you are probably busy wrapping up your week, but you do give my newsletter a space in your inbox, and that you are reading this makes me appreciated ❤️
I’m Khoa aka onmyway133 on GitHub and Twitter who work, open-source, and write tech articles about Swift. I follow Swift closely and have been curating many awesome lists like ios animation and ios architecture that many enjoy.
As the Swift language is moving fast with many new features, our community is very active with lots of interesting articles and open sources. I hope this newsletter helps you stay up to date with the news, not just about linking to stuff but also reasoning with my insights 😇

FocusedValue and FocusedBinding property wrappers in SwiftUI
The only place I see these 2 property wrappers in action is in the Apple tutorial for Creating a macOS app. Thanks to Majid for digging into this and giving more insights on how to use them
I have to say I learn many SwiftUI tips from Federico. Just specifying ViewBuilder attribute works like magic, but great to know how to use it properly
Understanding SwiftUI's View type
Tim shows us where to use opaque return type in Swift, its pitfalls and ways to get around the limitations. Great to learn the seemingly fundamental of SwiftUI.
Remove the image background in Swift using Core ML
SwiftUI seems to take the spotlight of CoreML, but I’m glad to see a very interesting CoreML article from a real iOS app, written by Vladimirs
Swift Result Builders: The Basics You Need to Know
A very thorough introduction to resultBuilder, the fundamental of SwiftUI building block, by Lee Kah Seng. I find it’s good to revise the basic to later build my own custom view builders.
Open Source
isowords: Open source game built in SwiftUI and the Composable Architecture.
isowords is a large, complex application built entirely in Swift. The iOS client’s logic is built in the Composable Architecture and the UI is built mostly in SwiftUI with a little bit in SceneKit. I really enjoy playing this game and also learn by reading it source code. Make sure to also check the companion article.
nuage: A native SoundCloud app for macOS, written in SwiftUI
I love this app from the app icon already. Laurin shows dedication in crafting this simple but beautiful SoundCloud client. Great to listen to SoundCloud tracks while also learning something from its source code.
ParticleDrivers: a SwiftUI project that simulates particles forming structures on command
A very interesting approach to create particle forming effect with pure SwiftUI by Waseem
Clendar - universal calendar app. Written in SwiftUI
A simple SwiftUI but feature rich calendar app by Vinh that showcases many core iOS features like Widgets, Siri, EventKit, StoreKit and some good practices with lint and GitHub Actions
93: “Combine and Core Data”, with special guest Donny Wals
I have watched less tech podcasts, but this one by John Sundell with Donny Wals I don’t want to miss. I enjoy their discussion about Combine, SwiftUI and Core Data. I’m using Core Data again in my apps now, and really appreciate all the improvements Apple has made to Core Data since iOS 10
UI Design Livestream: Dark Mode, Angular Gradient Blur and Annotations
Design is often overlooked among us developers. Recently I’ve been taking careful attention to design and have checked out many design resources. Learning design helps me craft better apps. You should also check our other live streams by Design+Code I highly recommend
Lately, I’ve been crafting some side apps, mostly to solve my own need. In that journey, I’m amazed by creative apps and inspiring stories from the indie developer community. I know behind an indie app is not an overnight success, but months (or even years) of hard work and struggling. I therefore will dedicate one section of this newsletter to highlight indie apps and stories. I know I can’t cover all but I would love as much as I can ❤️
‎FlipKit - Flipbook Animations
FlipKit has been recently featured in AppStore, Matthias Buchetics brings a simple flipbook concept to life in a very fun drawing app.
RocketSim - Enhancing the iOS Simulator
I used to enjoy Flawless App but sad to see it go. Luckily Antoine steps up the game with RocketSim. Not only does it do design comparison but it also does recording and helps testing deep link in simulators.
Proxyman • Modern Web Debugging Proxy on macOS, iOS, Android devices and iOS Simulator
ProxyMan by Nghia is one of few very well-done macOS I’ve ever seen. It just launches on iOS and you don’t want to miss the launch week deal with a discount.
The Indie Dev Diaries Presents Things I Made That Sucked
I feel like I learn a lot from the unhappy paths, so I do agree with Jordan in this article. Keep building, the things you build now will set foundation for the next better things.
MobileNativeFoundation: Discussions about projects, technologies, and processes around building large-scale mobile apps
Do you know that before iOS 8, to activate a constraints, we need to call addConstraint on the view that is the closest common ancestor of the items managed by this constraint. It took me a while to discover that iOS introduced isActive property that made this easier, but not everyone knew about that property when it was out since there is a lot of APIs being introduced every WWDC.
So I’m happy to see Jordan creates The Daily iOS, always sets a smile on my face every time I learn something new.
iOS Chats: Meet the wonderful iOS community
Interesting interviews conducted by Filip with various developers from iOS community. Learn how they got started and get inspired by their stories
Until next time
Thanks for reading, hope you discover something interesting. May your code continue to compile, and have a great weekend.
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Swift Discovery
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